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Your organization uses Microsoft® Excel® to maintain its inventory. The company is growing rapidly and has reached the point where an inventory database is needed.
Your organization’s database needs include the following:

Multiple departments will require access to the database, including eCommerce, manufacturing, sales, and customer service
Employees will use the database to:
Enter data
Reference data
Use data to auto-populate new orders and customer service records
Analyze data and create reports

Recommend three of the following six database architecture types that would work for your organization:

Distributed Relational

Include the following in your recommendation:

Your top three recommended architectures, in order, using the number 1 as your best recommendation
Your rationale for recommending each architecture
The characteristics that make each architecture a top recommendation
The current usage trends of these architectures in the industry and how it affected your recommendation for each
Potential concerns or disadvantages of each architecture
Summary of reasons for not recommending the remaining three architectures
Citations for any graphics, images, video, or audio used

Create your recommendation as either:

A 3- to 4-page technical summary in Microsoft® Word
A 14- to 16-slide multimedia-rich presentation with detailed speaker notes