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Your assignment will be 4 pages long. Each one of the pages will relate to each one of the four (4) tests. For each one of the test you will report:

1. Indicate what were your personal scores (attached in file has scores)

2. Explain what you have learned concerning from this test in relation to your personal managerial styles ( I am the type of manager that thinks about how it will affect my team//Everything in the first test explains my style of managing.)

3. Assess if this is new information to you or did you recognize the information to be reflective of what you know about yourself- (Information is reflective for first test, the rest is new information)

4. Finally, explain how will you use this knowledge to either change or enhance your effectiveness as a manager.

Please use sub-headings or sub-titles to identify your answer to these 4 specific questions or sections, but keep those heading with the same size font and require line spaces for the whole document as indicated in the “Assignment Protocols

— Include the cover page with all the information indicated including a solid and well done executive summary that should use all the space in that page after the 5 initial lines . Also include in the last page your references in APA style with the appropriate parenthetical citations on the text of your paper (review the reference included in this assignment instruction box).

***** Attached is the document that shows the results for each test ensure that the information is used and any test that you aren’t familiar with feel free to google the name of the test and what it’s results mean.*****