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Your answers should be 2-6 sentences, depending on the question
Questions for Marcuse ([1941] 1998), “Some Social Implications of Modern Technology,” pages 41-65: 
1. How does Marcuse use the terms technics and technology? 
2. What was the principle of individualistic rationality? How was it replaced by technological rationality? (Also see the first part of the other reading). 
3. How does technological rationality suppress the freedom of individuals and encourage conformity? (Also see the first part of the other reading). 
4. How might technics be used to help the development of individuality, rather than suppress individuality? 
5. What is an example from your own life of how technological rationality suppresses freedom and/or encourages conformity? 
Questions for Marcuse (1964), One-dimensional Man, pages 1-34: 
6. What are the “new forms of control” that Marcuse (1964, p. 1) discusses in Chapter 1? (Keep in mind the ways he is building on the “Social Implications of Modern Technology” essay.) 
7. According to Marcuse (1964), in Chapter 2, how does advanced capitalism prevent social change? 
General Question: 1. How are Marcuse’s ideas similar or different to those of Miliband (1964)? In particular, think about their explanations for why radical change/revolution has been prevented in capitalist societies