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You will have to submit an actual written feasibility analysis, up to 8 pages (double-spaced, New Times Roman 12 font) based on your entrepreneurial concept. 
Your feasibility analysis project should include the following sections: 
1) Description of the entrepreneurial concept and how it responds to a problem/opportunity 
2) Industry analysis 
3) Business strategy 
4) Management team 
5) Price structure/financial revenue model.
 See grading rubric for more information on the specifics for each section. 

*This will be based on the following company  https://totalcool.co.uk/product/totalcool-portable-evaporative-air-cooler/  and this will be the main product to promote plus the other accessories they have for this. You need to write the paper like we are the owners and are trying to sell out product to the market. **DUE IN 5 HOURS**