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Description Discussion 3: Reflections on variables impacting social-emotional development in infancy and toddlerhood For this discussion, you will have the opportunity to dig deeper into Chapter 4 on social emotional development in infancy and to hear about a variety of topics. Make sure in choosing your topic to keep the focus on impact in infancy and toddlerhood. You can use your textbook to help you choose a topic. Here are few ideas: Social referencing in infancy/toddlerhood Impact of poverty Head Start programs Child care programs Socialization in toddlerhood Shyness and/or exuberance in toddlerhood Temperamentally friendly child-rearing You can choose other topics related to these, but make sure what you choose clearly links to the age range from infancy through toddlerhood and has to do with social emotional development. CHOOSE ONE TOPIC to discuss, and ALL THREE QUESTIONS that you answer should be on the SAME TOPIC. Choose a topic and give an overview of this topic. You may even want to tell use why it is of particular interest to you. Since many of the topics are quite broad, you can even focus on a specific aspect of that topic. Provide information you have learned about your topic from at least one current research article, website, or news or online article (in addition to your text) that is related to your topic. Give a link to your source. This is a great opportunity to look for new/updated information or research on your topic! Discuss the implications of what you have found out about your topic on child development. For example, how would you apply the information that you’ve learned about this topic as a parent, teacher, clinician, etc.? When you are discussing implications of the knowledge you have gained, this would also be a great time to ask some questions to inspire thinking and discussion among classmates!