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Write an overview of how Sara Lee measures performance, what specific measurement tools or programs they use, and if it is effective or not. Additionally, recommend one change or new measurement tool they should make or use, and why.
Controls are established to focus on actual performance results (output controls), activities that generate the performance (behavior controls), and resources used in performance input controls. Output controls stipulate what is to be accomplished by looking at the results of behaviors using objectives, performance indicators, and markers. Behavior controls state how something is to be accomplished using policies, rules, and procedures as directed by management. Input controls focus on resources such as skill sets, abilities, values, and intelligence (Wheelen, Hoffman, Hunger, Bamford, & Deresky, 2016).

Write a description of the types of Output, Behavior, and Input controls Sara Lee uses. Then explain if they are effective or not.

 You should have a total of three (3) pages upon completion of all parts. Compile all pages of your document to submit to this assignment. 

Part 1 of your assignment should be two (2) pages in length.
Part 2 of your assignment should be one (1) page in length.
All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting.