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Write a MARIE program that inputs three values X, y, and Z. Then It performs the following logic
if X <= Y   Y++ ; else if X != Z        Y-- ;     else        Z++ ; print X, Y, Z Provide code after you have made sure it assembles & runs correctly in the MARIE simulator Additional Requirement: Run your program using the following several test input values.  Report the final values printed for X, Y, and Z   Case    Input Values       Output Values             X    Y     Z           X      Y       Z 1)         5    10    7 2)         6    6      8 3)         9    2      3 4)         8    5      8 Please only take question if you have experience with such question/MARIE and can answer within the next 16 hours. Marie Simulator Files:  http://computerscience.jbpub.com/ecoa/2e/student_resources.cfm