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******Week Six, Part One:     In the first part of this week, we take on Amiri Baraka’s play “Dutchman.” Please read the play. If you are having trouble visualizing the action, you may also want to watch a film adaptation, such as the one I’m linking to here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VRoOAmtHsQ.     In the discussion this week, I’d like for you to thoughtfully respond to all of these questions with at least one full paragraph. Please include a line from the text of the play to help you explain your observations. These are due by Thursday, July 4.      
Discussion Questions:   
1.Why doesBaraka use Christian imagery, especially the story of Eve’stemptation of Adam, in this play? How does it address his concernswith the treatment of black Americans in the 1950s and early 60s?    
2.Whatassumptions does Lula make about Clay? Why does she make them?    
3.What or whomdoes Lula represent? Might she be an allegory for something MOREthan just Eve?   

4.How do youexplain Clay’s behavior near the end of the play?       

*****Week Six, Part Two:     For    Identify a poem in the reader that shows Baraka’s experimental playfulness. How does the style contribute to the message of the poem? Your post should be one full paragraph and is due on Sunday, July 7th.