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Description  Rubric Standard | Grounded   > Is the problem framed to   enable the researcher to either build upon or counter the previously   published findings on the topic? For most fields, grounding involves   articulating the problem within the context of a theoretical base or   conceptual framework. Although many approaches can ground a study in the   scientific literature, the essential requirement is that the problem is   framed such that the new findings will have implications for the previous   findings.   Research   Question(s) and Hypotheses (if applicable) List the question that will be   used to address the research problem.   Your question must align with your study purpose and include the variables and/or   concepts and how they will be examined and/or explored.   Replace this text with your research   question(s) and hypotheses (if applicable).   Nature of the Study What   systematic approach/method and research design do you plan to use to address   your research question(s)?   To address the research questions in this              Choose method   study,   the specific research design will beReplace this text with your response.  This approach is appropriate for this study because     Replace this text with your response.   For   your planned research design, what type(s) of data will you need and what   data collection tools and sources will provide it?   For my planned research   design, I will need Replace this text with your response.   What limitations,   challenges, and/or barriers might you need to address while   conducting this study (e.g., access to participants, access to data, separation   of roles or other ethical considerations, instrumentation fees, etc.)?   Replace this text with your response.   Rubric Standard | Feasible > Can a systematic method of inquiry be   used to address the problem? The tentative methodology demonstrates that the   researcher has considered the options for inquiry and has selected an   approach that has potential to address the problem.   Significance How will your study address the   meaningful, discipline-specific issue that you identified and therefore contribute   to your field, discipline, professional practice, etc. contributing to positive   social change?    This study is significant in that Replace this text with your response.