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VPNs are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life on the Internet. Many people use them to gain access to resources in their offices, such as e-mail servers and other intranet resources. This trend is certain to become more popular as many companies are finding it cheaper for their employees to work from home, relieving them of the need to lease additional office space. Site-to-site VPNs will also continue to be deployed as companies both small and large find it increasingly necessary to share access to their main networks with remote offices. One notable area is in the realm of IP telephony, where VPNs enable all remote offices to use a single IP switchboard at the center of a VPN hub and spoke network. Intra-office communication is encrypted and the use of a single switchboard saves money.
What do YOU think of the below concepts:
* Remote control VPNs using Remote Desktop
* Experiment with Tor I
* An Internet café VPN client
* Online remote control products, such as GoToMyPC and LogMeIn
* Configuring an IPSec VPN