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Description Introduction This section of your paper should introduce the topic(s) of focus, present previous research on the topic, and make the case for the purpose and hypotheses of your study.  Specifically, this section should: Review the research literature on the topic(s) of interest (at least 8 sources incuded) Provide key definitions Describe what is currently known about the topic/topics Discuss strengths and weaknesses of previous research Discuss empirical literature/prior research and theory, and how it informs the current study rationale, aim/purpose, hypotheses  Must provide a logical argument for current study based on previous research, theory, limitations, etc. Discuss the aims and/or objectives of the current study Introduction section should end with hypotheses of the current study.  These must be liked to, and backed up by, previous research discussed in the introduction. Method Please write up a detailed description of the method of your study.  Your writeup should include the following sections: Participants: Describe who your participants are, sample size, how they were recruited, selected, etc.  This will be a description of what you hope your participants will be since you have not collected data yet. Please make up the numbers for the draft, you will fill in the correct numbers for the final paper (after you are done with data collection). Measures: Describe each measure/questionnaire used. For each please be sure to include the name, citation (if published), number of items, sample item, rating scale, any reliability/validity statistics from previous studies.  If you designed the measure yourself, be sure to explain the purpose, etc.  If you are manipulating any of your variables, be sure to describe the tasks in detail. Procedure: Describe your study from start to finish. What is the order of questions? What tasks will the participants complete and when? Describe any reasoning for order of tasks, specific procedures, etc. Answer the what, why, how, and where of tasks the participants are asked to do in the study.