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Description Research Proposal/Project Writing Instructions. Research Proposal: In your research proposal you will explain your original research topic, you will give reasons why you want to conduct research on your chosen topic, and in doing so, you will design your own study. After selecting your research topic and crafting your thesis statement, you will conduct a literature review for your research proposal. Hence in order to show your understanding of research and your writing skills, you will write a research proposal  addressing the topic discussed in your literature review.  Writing of the paper:  This paper must include the following sections: Title page (1 page) include here title of your paper, your Name, Course, Course Number, Semester/Year, and Due Date                Introduction (2 pages) -Your Introduction will hence have 4 paragraphs Intro Para 1: § State and introduce the research problem (thesis statement) The first sentence should stimulate the reader’s interest as well as draw attention to a contentious issue that a wide spectrum of audience can relate to. Clearly identify the research problem. Indicate why the problem is important and cite references to support this e.g., Casil (2020), Ruiz(2019) and Duong (2018). Para 2, 3, 4 Review the 3 studies that have addressed the problem/variable. ( Each article summary must be of 250 words in length) . Here are more details of summarizing empirical articles: *summarize the authors’ purpose (~1 sentence) *methods (what was the independent variable, what was dependent variable, who were the participants, how was the data collected, was it through surveys, interviews, observation etc.) (~5-7 sentences) *summarize the results (~5-6 sentences) *the authors’ discussion and conclusions (~2-3 sentences) *Discuss the limitations and also the importance of these studies separately. Enumerate several methodological flaws in these studies, so as to strongly justify the need for conducting of your study. Address areas that were overlooked by past studies. Discuss how your proposed study will remedy these deficiencies and provide a unique contribution to the scholarly literature. Hypotheses : Identify the specific audience that will benefit from your study of your research problem. § Contribute your original thoughts by constructing novel hypotheses. Method (1 pages) Include here the following: *Details about subjects, number of subjects, method employed in selecting the subjects. *Measures includes a mention of the tests and measures that you will use to test your hypotheses. Procedures( 1-2 paras) employed a detailed description of the actual carrying out of the study, (were subjects interviewed, and were they administered a survey).