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This paper is an essay, which will summarize your experience, and your personal development/growth throughout the quarter in this course. Your paper should begin with the original thoughts and propositions (which you initially shared) about HOW your own personal interests and habits, as well as your “web-activity” and use of the internet, might be connecting you to marketers searching for particular buyer target-markets. Does this “remarketing”/ “retargeting” work on you? How influenced do you consider yourself to be when it comes to strategic product brand messages? Does your use of social media shape your purchasing decisions? Are you frequently seduced or persuaded into desiring products that use images/messages aimed at showing the product as being a “connected part”, in some way, to a lifestyle that you desire? (You may look back at your first few discussion posts to remind you of what your initial thoughts and propositions were). Next, discuss any insights you developed about the importance of the consistency of integrated brand communications (brand image, brand character, brand personality) as you explored the readings, wrote your discussion posts, and engaged with the class throughout the quarter. Explain any direct connections you made to your real life (either as a consumer or as a professional) while you prepared your Summative Course Research Project and Video. Finally, propose your own “TOP THREE” strategies for advertising a product, effectively building consumer “brand awareness”, and effectively position the product. Paper should be 3-5 full pages, double-spaced, including a coversheet.