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This assignment represents the next step of your final project. Once you review the data set below, refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric for assignment instructions. Once you submit your milestone upload your draft to the 6-1 Discussion: Draft of Data Presentation for peer feedback in the next module.

The following data set will be needed to complete this assignment:

Data Table

The following documents provide transcripts of hypothetical interviews conducted to provide rationale for the data being used in this milestone.

Interview With the Director
Interview With the Associate Director
Interview With the Student Intern Supervisor

The Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric, below, provides assignment instructions and the grading rubric for your milestone assignment. This document is needed to successfully complete the milestone.

Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric

Note: It is highly recommended that you submit this milestone as early as possible to benefit from instructor feedback.

****All the hyperlinks are in a word document attach below: rubric, data chart, Module overview, and 3 interviews.

**** please follow rubric