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The second part of the course long assignment is Summary of Leadership Styles and Identification of your styles
For this portfolio entry you will examine and articulate leadership styles, and identify which styles you use and/or would like to use as you develop your leadership skills and knowledge.
To do this you will read the assigned class readings, use online tools, as well as doing your own independent research, and review your own leadership experience.  You may also solicit the input of friends and family.  Your finished paper will be 3-4 pages long (not including the cover page or reference page, and attachments) presented in APA (6th edition) format and will become the second item in your portfolio.
This task is designed to help you identify leadership styles and develop your own leadership style based upon your goals, beliefs and personality traits as well as what you learn from studying leadership.
Your paper should identify at least eight commonly accepted styles of leadership and summarize the characteristics of each. You will then identify the style or styles you use and explain why you chose these styles, providing examples of how you have used them.  Finally, you will identify which styles you would believe it would beneficial for you to use more of and explain why you chose them and how you think they will aid you in becoming a better public safety leader.