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The owners of the Annan Supermarket would like to have a program that computes the hourly rates of their employees. The user will enter an employee’s ID number, the hourly rate of pay, and the number of hours worked for the week. In addition, Annan Supermarkets would like the program to compute the employee’s net pay and overtime pay . Overtime hours, any hours over 40, are paid at 1.5 the regular hourly rate. Net pay is Gross minus deductions. Assume that deductions are made up of income tax at 10.5% of gross if the gross exceeds $600.00 and a $25 parking charge.  The output should look like this: 

Program 4

Pay Rate:
Overtime Hours:
Total Hours:
Regular Pay: 
Overtime pay:
Gross Pay:
Net Pay:

Run the program 3 times with the data below and copy and paste the outputs to a file. Create a folder named fullname_program4. Copy your source code and the output file to the folder. Zip the folder 

Run 1
ID Number: 1001 
Hourly Rate: 10.00
Hours worked: 35

Run 2
ID Number: 2002 
Hourly Rate: 35.50
Hours worked: 40

Run 3
ID Number: 3003 
Hourly Rate: 10.50
Hours worked: 50