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The Critical Thinking Essay:
The writing assignment consists of a Two-page essay describing a memorable event that helps you to see yourself as a social being. Ensure to specify the institutions, groups and other social forces that have impacted your life chances and brought you to the understanding that you are a product of your environment. Give pertinent examples that will support your argument. Also, remember that you are writing for your sociology class and therefore your essay should contain no less than 10 sociological terms. In order to receive a good grade for this assignment, the essay should be cohesive and free of grammatical errors. The essay should be two pages long, written using a 12 font size with standard margin. Late papers will NOT be accepted. There will be absolutely no extension for this assignment as the semester is coming to an end.
Each term must be written in bold letters for the sake of visibility. The paper must be written in Times New Roman, double spaced and must contain a total of 10 sociological terms from the list attached.