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the Company is APPLE-
Targert Market is : Male who works in corporate Companies in North Korea
Target market: Determine the foreign target market (consumer segments) in your selected country and how the company can effectively communicate with customers in the target market.
For this section, consider your promotion objectives as you determine your target market. Keep in mind that what works in the US may not work in your selected country.  Keep the following things in mind:

Legal rules and regulations – for example, in Europe, targeting children in your promotions and collecting data is not allowed.
Family norms and interactions ( is the male the decision maker? Female? )
Cultural norms and expectations
Religious aspects of right and wrong in particular countries
The history of the country — some things are taboo, even if they seem safe
Use of language and word choice – for example the Chinese avoid the sound/word for the number four because it sound the same as the word for death.
Caste Systems (such as in India) and its affect on messages in your promotions
Consider the aesthetics of color, for example the color red is used in China for luck, long life, and happiness; in the US it represents love, youth and passion; in South Africa it represents sacrifice and mourning.  (See: https://www.k-international.com/blog/color-meanings-around-the-world/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)