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The company I choose to use is “ABC MOUSE”   


Construct your infographic. In an infographic, summarize your plan in an eye-catching visual manner that will garner the interest of an executive while still providing important detail. Utilize Adobe Illustrator or a web-based tool such as Adobe Spark or Piktochart. Break it out in the following order from the details you provided in your plan:


Sell your company for all the possibilities you foresee based on the strengths of your team.


Sell the potential of the project based on its premise and appeal.


Sell the profitability the project can garner based on your participation.


Sell the ability to hone in on the core audience that you’ve targeted as best to embrace and subsequently become your social marketing fan base.


Sell the multiple channels of distribution that will best provide access to your primary target audience in year one.


Sell the variety of methods you will utilize to maximize awareness for your primary target audience in year one.

Make sure to include a reference for every source  you find research on for this assignment. As this is a separate submission from your Course Project, it functions independently and thus all references cited from your Distribution Plan must also be referenced in this submission as it will be read independently of the Course Project itself. Also remember that the Full  Sail Writing Center is always available to help you improve your writing  and reference skills