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Task 1-
Read the breakdown of Loyalty Conflicts on page 85 (shared humanity, professional practice, employment, media role in public life)
Answer the following: If loyalty is a virtue think of a situation where it can also be for the greater good? How can you make sense of the competing loyalties?
Task 2 – Read about the Potter Box on page 87
Find an opinion piece written in a reputable newspaper. Go through the 4 parts to the Potter Box and analyze at each level. Apply Mill’s ethical framework. Then conclude was it ethical to publish the story?
Task 3
MILLS FACTORS TO CONSIDER – In calculating the good vs bad there are many factors that the ethical framework looks at. Get familiar with the following.
1. Intensity: Strength of the pleasure and pain. The greater the pleasure, the higher the positive value; the greater the pain, the more negative the value.
2. Duration: Length of time the pain and pleasure will last.
3. Certainty: Level of probability that the pleasure or pain will occur.
4. Propinquity: How soon in time the pleasure or pain will occur.
5. Fecundity: Extent to which the pleasure will produce more pleasure.
6. Purity: The pleasure does not cause pain at the same time.
7. Extent: The number of sentient beings affected by the action.
Please answer: Is there a situation where you will see how some of these factors could counter-act?