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Submit your final project for the course, a patient safety presentation that evaluates an information management strategy in place (ideally in your current or former workplace) to determine if it improves patient safety and patient outcomes.
You have completed the background support in the first three milestones of this project. Incorporate instructor feedback from those milestones and submit your presentation by the end of Module Seven.

Final Presentation: Topic – Pxyis Machine

It should be 10-15 slides (not including the title page or reference pages). 
You can add speaker notes, or you can add voiceover.  Don’t worry, voiceover is optional.  If you need help in adding speaker notes, here is a link to help: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/video-add-speaker-notes%E2%80%8B-65dacbfb-8aec-496e-b9a1-d96cfa86fb52
Slide Presentation suggestions.  Think about slide presentations you have seen in the past.

Don’t overcrowd the slide.  Keep it simple.  Use the notes section to “tell” your story.
No more than 5 bullet points per slide with 5ish words per bullet.
Use 18 point size
Use color and graphics, but not too much.  No more than 4 colors per slide and 1-2 graphics

I am including a template of a PowerPoint presentation for this course if you need assistance in getting started.  Just change the design and make it your own.

Attached below is the RUBRIC that must be followed and the first 3 Pyxis Machine projects to use for the FINAL project