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Students will be given a macro case scenario and asked to apply the generalist model of intervention, emphasizing a strengths perspective when responding to a series of critical thinking questions. Guidelines will be provided by the instructor. You will answer the assigned questions or use the assigned format provided with the case study. You will need to include a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources in this paper. Minimum of 6 pages and Maximum 10 pages (not including references, cover page, or abstract). Use 12-point font and 1” margins, and APA 6th edition writing style. Grading will be evaluated and graded on the following criteria: 
1.  Appropriate use of APA 6th edition writing style. (2 pts)
2.  Adequate number of appropriate references cited (Wikipedia is NOT a reference). (2 pts)
3. Organization and clarity of ideas presented. (3 pts)
4. Ability to integrate theory and practice appropriately. (3 pts)
5. Ability to use analytical and reflection skills throughout the assignment. (5 pts)

View attachment for details. If you do not understand what is expected from you do not offer to completely this assignment. I need this done the right way the first time.