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Description Due Saturday, November 20, 2021 Sport Film Analysis Paper: You will choose a fictional or documentary film in which the content of at least 1 main character is centered on sport, or you may watch an event on TV, or if any are available, you can watch one live!  Movie option: If you choose a movie, it may be comedy, drama, romance, biography, etc.  However, in order to be acceptable, the main characters’ involvement in sport MUST be the central theme of the film.  Although you may have seen the movie before, you will watch it this time with the eye of a sport psychologist.  That is, you will give an in-depth analysis of how the character(s) approach their sport in terms of personality, motivation, anxiety, etc.  Your analysis should focus on how the main character(s) control and/or change their thoughts, actions, or behaviors during the course of the story.  To receive full credit, you must utilize the theories and principles presented in your text to explain the behaviors and actions of the character(s) in your chosen film.    You may be creative in your choices.  You might choose to analyze a character’s motivation using three different theories you’ve learned.  You might choose to analyze 3 different issues, such as personality, anxiety, and confidence according to the theories and research presented in the text.  However, you may only use 1 movie (you may not use three different movies to find three issues). Sporting Event Option (live or broadcast):  Discuss the context and sport.  Give an in-depth analysis on various topics from sport psychology that you have learned thus far.  Analyze multiple players, fans, referees.  Similar to above description but what your observations are based on this particular sporting event.  Please feel free to add to what we have been managing regarding this time during Covid.  How things have changed, the psychological impact, etc.