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Sample Company – Business Contingency Plan 
I. Plan Overview and Definitions 
Plan Design   
Overview of the Plan Objectives  
Description of Failures Addressed by Plan 
Plan Assumptions 
Emergency Response Management 
Functional Area Recovery Management Teams  
Periodic Testing and Plan Evaluation  
Emergency Declaration Phase  
Alternate Site Activation Phase 
Recovery Phase 
Application Recovery Categories 
II. Restoration by Functional Area 
Restoration of Information Technology Infrastructure 
Staff Responsibilities 
Description of operating environment 
Network Diagram 
Server Configurations 
Backup Procedures and Media Retention 
Backup Restoration Testing 
Management of application media 
Workstation Standards 
Standard Workstation Configuration 
Printer Standards 
Power Requirements and Protection 
Electronic Mail  
Restoration of Accounting
Staff Responsibilities – Assignments
Description of Operating Environment
File Restoration Procedures for MIP
File Restoration for User Work Files
List of required Forms Stored off-site
List of Form Vendors for reorders
List of Employee Contact Information
List of Key Contacts 
List of Critical Documents 
Restoration of other areas