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Description Step 1: Interview someone who has either given birth or was present and involved with the pregnancy and birth of their child. You may interview your own parent, or other parent of your child, but you may not “self interview”. If you would like to connect with other students in class to trade experiences, post a thread with a descriptive title such as “willing to Sway Stories”. For those of you who are parents, please grant no more than one interview per birth experience (i.e. if you have one child = one interview, two children = two) so we keep the diversity of experiences broad. Questions to ask: 1. How did you know you were pregnant? 2. Who, if anyone, did you tell? 3. How did your pregnancy progress? 4. Did you receive any professional prenatal care, and if so, when and what did it include? 5. Did you take any childbirth preparation classes? If so, describe the experience. 6. Describe your labor: onset, progress, length, medication, etc. 7. Describe your delivery? Who was there? 8. What do you remember about your newborn? Immediately after birth, the next day? Describe the first week at home with the baby? 9. What were your experiences with breastfeeding? 10. Transitioning back to work? Step 2: This is where you will apply information from the class to real life events. After your interview, compare and contrast the information you gained from the parent you interviewed, using questions/answers 5-10. Connections to make: Describe five connections you can make between the newborn characteristics in the coursework of the last few weeks. If you do not find a connection, you will need to do a little research on the web for connections to your specific writings. I have included a few choices in the Module folder, however there are many others to explore. Just be careful to find factual information, not “informercials.” Make connections with outside resources to the information you gathered in your interview, again using questions 5 – 10.