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Description For this assignment, it is your choice to go to a park or play space with young children, or you can use the videos I’ve provided to conduct your observation. Please use this link for the Personal Student Conduct Form (Links to an external site.) Write down everything that you observed about the children. You may need to watch it more than once if you’re using the videos.  Identify the children by the color of their clothes. Answer the following questions: 1. What did you observe (notice or learn) about the children? Remember that since we are just beginning our study of developmental terms, you may just simply write your thoughts and observations in “plain” language.  2.  Are more of your observations “objective” or “ subjective”?  Explain your answer. 3.  What are three examples of a child’s development that you saw?  Example…The child was holding onto her mother’s hands to support her walking, she was not walking on her own.    4.  Did anything surprise you? 5.  What was difficult about observing the children? 6.  Next time you observe, what different techniques might you try to make gathering information easier? Post your response on this discussion board. Include: 1. A brief description of your observation:  where it took place, what other things seemed to be going on at the time, the approximate age of the children, a best guess is fine here.  2. Your answers to the 6 questions above. Please do your observation FIRST and then read pages 28-34 in the Infant and Toddler Curriculum Framework , (Links to an external site.) what can you relate from this observation to the material in the book?  Did you discover something new?  Either a technique or something new about yourself.  Some of you may be “old hands” at observation, other’s it may be a new experience…either way is okay…just share what the experience of observing was like for you. As you can see from the reading, observations are crucial to your work with infant and toddlers.   Next you will respond to two classmates.  I want you to connect the child/children you read about, to information in Infant and Toddler Learning & Development Foundations (Links to an external site.)  Match the child observed to the pages 89-104, Perceptual & Motor Development.  Describe what in the observation matches the developmental chart, as well as, what development is taking place that was not described. You also may make suggestions about the observation techniques that you have had success with and/or comment on similarities or differences to your own observation experience. Remember, our peer responses are part of the “conversation” and need to go beyond “I like what you said” rather say, “the way you explained how the girl in yellow moved over the board, drew my attention to her whole body. It’s amazing how infants can get to where they want to be.” Your score for the discussions is based on your original post, as well as, your responses.