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Description Purpose While there are many pre-developed checklists available for many skills, this discussion will give you some practice in developing your own checklist to measure a skill you are interested in. It will also give you more practice in providing feedback to classmates. Directions Pre-Think: Brainstorm some skills you could monitor with a checklist. You won’t submit your brainstormed list, this is just to get you on the topic. Don’t use these -come up with your own, but here are a few examples I personally might develop a checklist for: Book handling skills Self-dressing skills Try to select a topic that is well suited, or would be better measured with a checklist than with any other form of documentation. 2. Scenario: Select one of your brainstormed ideas and create a one-paragraph scenario that provides a context for where you might use this checklist to document the skill or skills. Remember this can be a completely made-up scenario or one from your own experiences. 3. Checklist: Develop your own original checklist with 10 items you might use to measure the skills you have identified. 10 might seem like a lot but if you break down a skill into small steps (for instance, writing names can be broken into writing the first capital letter, writing the second letter, etc.), you’ll have 10 before you know it! Organize the steps from easiest to hardest and/or simplest to most complex if it applies. Make sure to format your checklist in a table. Sometimes you can copy/paste from word or google doc, but if that isn’t working for you, you have all of the same format tools in the discussion box. Describe the intended use: Your checklists can be designed for a group of children or one child. It can be something that you would record over time or each day.