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Review this week’s Learning Resources and the Central Tendency and Variability media program.
For additional support, review the Skill Builder: Measures of Central Tendency for Continuous  Variables, Skill Builder: Standard Deviation as a Measure of Variability  for Continuous Variables and the Skill Builder: Measures of Central Tendency and Variability for Categorical Variables, which you can find by navigating back to your Blackboard Course Home Page. From there, locate the Skill Builder link in the left navigation pane.
 Using the SPSS software, open the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset from your Assignment in Week 2.
 Choose the same two variables you chose from your Week 2 Assignment and perform the appropriate descriptive analysis of the data.
 Once you perform your descriptive analysis, review Chapter 11 of the Wagner text to understand how to copy and paste your output into your Word document.

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of your descriptive analysis results and include a copy and paste your output from your analysis into your final document. 
Based on the results of your data, provide a brief explanation of what the implications for social change might be.
Use appropriate APA format, citations and referencing. Refer to the APA manual for appropriate citation.