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Research topic : Cloud Computing  

“Information Technology and Cloud Computing: An Global Business Success Strategy”

With this, you are going to try to tell a story to your readers what you have researched and found to be true or otherwise that is strategically beneficial towards the success of a business organization from a global perspective.  Ideally, you want to show why IT and Cloud Computing together have become part of the success story in many/most businesses organizations today from a global perspective.

 Final Research Paper:  The course final research paper is a formatted APA paper.  It is 12 pages, double-spaced.  Paper length requirement is 12 pages of content from Title Page through References.  The Research Paper is worth 15% of the final grade.  The Final papers will contain a title page, abstract, introduction/topic paragraph, summary/conclusion, and reference page.  Research paper topics are approved by the course instructor and can be on any course-related topic in the field of Information Technology, e-Participation, Policy-Making in a Complex world, Organizational Decision-Making, ICT for Policy-Making, Challenges to Policy-Making etc…