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Requirements to complete the assignment.

Min 6 slides to 10 Slides
Select a Sales application and complete the slides with the following information.
Slides can be more depends on the content and quality. More explanation is always helpful for easy grading
Slide 1: 
Do some analysis and find the competitors and explain about their apps. Do some comparative analysis like pros, cons, strengths and weakness.
Slide 2:
Explain about your SALES APP product and features and collect the requirements for the SALES APP you are building/creating.
Slide 3:
Come up with a CLASS diagram. Build the classes with all class names, properties, attributes along with data types.
Slide 4:
Build the network diagram to show the connectivity to the SALES app and how the transaction flow happens.
Slide 5:
Build the configuration diagram to show how you configure your app with rest of the users or apps or firewalls etc.
Slide 6: 
Explain the total flow of the application from start to end, so that end user can understand how to use to use your app along with all details. This should be like a help file so that user can install yours app and move forward without any difficulty. Provide as many details as you can (Think like a user).

Provide References based on your research.