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Reply to the students questions in 150 words and provide 1 reference
There are 3 primary professional organizations supporting Supply Chain Management. Based on your interests, pick one of them and browse their web site for information about their services to their members. Briefly summarize what you find most interesting. 
Institute for Supply Management (ISM) — primary focus on purchasing
APICS — primary focus on manufacturing
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) — origins were primarily focused on distribution
Students response
I chose Institute for Supply Management (ISM). After looking at the website for ISM, I found that it is relatively similar to other professional organizations. The website gave much information about becoming a member and the benefits that you receive from being a member. The whole website was filled with resources for the Supply Management. What I found the most interesting was that there was online courses that could be taken to help your skill set in supply management. It even was broken out by skill level. From front line employees with little to no experience to courses for executive leaders at the mastery level. This is not something that you see with other professional organizations. Often you have to have been in the field for a certain amount of years, in a certain title to qualify for the benefits of becoming a member. Additionally there were conferences and training that you would be able to attend.