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Relationship Assignment
COUN 5635
This assignment is designed to help orient you to the importance of the counseling relationship with children and adolescents. Thorough and thoughtful assignments will receive full credit. 

a 3-5 page double-spaced summary of your answers to the above questions.        

1. Think back prior to the age of 10 and try to remember a significant adult in your life whom you believe had a positive influence on your development. (My Aunt). 
What do you remember most about the person and/or about your relationship with him or her? ( responsible, independent, supportive, hardworking,  ) Describe as many things as you can remember. Can you think of any characteristics of that person or elements of that relationship that may still be with you today? Explain. Why is such a relationship important for you to consider as a possible future counselor of children and youth? ( trust, communication)

2. What are your greatest concerns/fears when anticipating your first counseling session with a young child?  How do you plan to overcome these?

3. What might be the child’s greatest concerns when encountering you in counseling for the first time?  Imagine yourself as the child and list as many specific thoughts and feelings as possible.

4. As this child’s adult helper, how might you start to address these concerns of the child?  Please be specific.

5. Find a journal article that supports your discussion and include a brief summary of it in your paper.