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Read the following article: Sutterfield, J. S., Friday-Stroud, S. S., & Shivers-Blackwell, S. L. (2006). A case study of project and stakeholder management failures: lessons learned. Project Management Journal, 37(5), 26-35.
Review the six lessons learned.  Choose one of the six, and either:
A) share a similar experience, and how you/your team overcame it or could have acted differently/influenced others to act differently.  What strengths of yours were useful?  What have since you learned about yourself and stakeholder management approaches?
B) explain what personal strengths you believe you have for improving the likelihood for successful outcomes, if you were involved in a problematic project with similar circumstances.  Also explain what weaknesses of yours that you are aware of in stakeholder management, and how you could work on those to prepare for potentially being involved in a similar situation.
5 pages
Discussions will be posted to Blackboard periodically (I’ll let you know in class)
· You will be asked to reflect on and respond to a Discussion Board question. Please ensure that your contributions to the topic is clear and to the point.
· This assignment also requires that you read the answers posted by your classmates and respondof those postings.
· When posting and responding to the discussion: 
· (1) be honest and yet courteous, 
· 2) use proper language syntax and semantics,
· (3) citations are recommended, but not required.
Grading is as follows:
· 10 points – Well thought out contribution and response at least 1 posting.
· 7.5 points – Well thought out contribution but no response to classmate posting.
· 5 points – You contributed, but your analysis was lacking in depth or clarity.
· 0 points – You did not participate.