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Question :1

Topic : two factor authentication
1. Position your paper from a high level and move to a focused thesis.
2. Explain the boundaries of your paper (what it covers and what it does not cover)
3. How does your paper benefit the Access Control world? How does your paper help to advance the field of Access Control?
4. Outline what the rest of the paper briefly

Topic: Education based on a University

DIRRECTIONS: Answer these below question as best as you can using peer-reviewed literature, well respected news sources (New York Times, Washington Post), textbooks, government cited articles etc. You cannot use blog postings, wiki postings, or Websites unless they are from an authoritative source 
Helpful hint:
This assignment is a stepping stone to begin your research towards your final paper. I HIGHLY suggest you look at the requirements for TEAM ASSIGNMENT #3 each time you complete an assignment to try and capture as much as you can in your work. This will help enrich your response a great deal. You should also save many of the references you use for this assignment for Team Assignment #2 as this will likely save you time for the annotated biblography!
4. Has the federal, state, or local government had to develop specific law or develop measures of compliance to protect citizens and businesses from harm?