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Project Description: Prepare a Contingency Project Plan For An Organization(ex – Amazon, Microsoft, Google) for Business continuity using disaster recovery plan(RPO, RTO etc)
Sample Template:  
I. Plan Overview and Definitions  
Plan Design  
Overview of the Plan Objectives  
Description of Failures Addressed by Plan  
Plan Assumptions  
Emergency Response Management  
Functional Area Recovery Management Teams  
Periodic Testing and Plan Evaluation  
Emergency Declaration Phase  
Alternate Site Activation Phase  
Recovery Phase  
Application Recovery Categories  
II. Restoration by Functional Area  
Procedures Execution Steps 
Execution responsible team 
Restoration Testing method plan
Part-1: Abstract/scope/Assumptions 
Part-2: Disaster Recovery Plan for a risk identified in the above scope/Assumptions 
Part-3: Solution and its execution, 
who owns it,  
testing the restoration,  
periodic validation etc 
Part-4: conclusion 

Expectation: High Quality, APA, No Plagiarism