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Professional Development Workshop
For this assignment, you will submit an outline for a professional development workshop on data-driven instruction that utilizes at least part of the data you have collected as you have responded to Questions 1 – 4 in this program. You are asked to design a workshop that you can use for the teachers in your school.
You should also attach it to the end of your Capstone Project (at the conclusion of the final course in this program) which shows what you are doing to show continuous school improvement.
Look closely at the model workshop that Mr. Bambrick-Santoyo has provided in Chapter 12 and the preceding chapters. As you design your workshop, consider the bullets below. You might also want to look at the PowerPoint presentations on the CD-ROM.

Your target audience (Who will be in the group)?
The materials you will need to deliver your workshop (refer to text).

Will you use a PowerPoint? Will you use a poster? What about talking points? What technology will you use? Be sure to include in your professional development workshop the technology of your choice. Include a designed poster or the PowerPoint you will use, etc.

Include the handouts you want to use (include those in your workshop outline).
Include the logistics required.

Finally, look at the overview provided in your textbook – see attached.