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Practical Economic Issue – Step 1
•Name one economic issue that you have heard discussed by your friends, coworkers, or on the news that you wish you understood better•Research this issue. Find two explanations explaining this issue. One can be a video or popular press article, but one must be a journal article.•In 500 – 750 words, summarize your findings on this issue.

Your assignment MUST focus on economic issues. 

Your assignment will be counted off one point for each minute that it is submitted late. 

Assignments that do not meet assigned word count, do not address economic issues, or do not addres similarity issues via TurnItIn, will have grade deductions accordingly. 

Important note: During Residency, you should work on summarizing/explaining any issues as if you are explaining these issues to those who are uneducated on the field of economics. For example, a high school senior in the US is required to take on economic class in order to graduate. You should complete any residency assignments as if you are trying to explain these to those high school seniors.

•When completed, upload to the appropriate place in Moodle.•Make sure to type this. Using Word, preferably.•Cite your sources.

This is due within 1 1/2 hours of assignment