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Description Unit 2.1 DB: Colonial Period Is contemporary society inconsistent with the Protestant work ethic?  Please include in your discussion the theological, moral, and contextual factors that made the colonial period such a good setting for this work ethic. Be sure to discuss at least 1 factor of each and use examples. Unit 2.2 DB: Compassion To what extent does the profession of social work, human services, and counseling owe its existence to Christian compassion? For example, how did the idea of Christian compassion in Charity Organization Societies, settlement houses, social casework agencies, and the Progressive Movement help shape these professions? Be sure to use detailed examples Unit 2.3 DB: Social Darwinism How has the impact of Social Darwinism continued to impact social welfare in America? Please be sure to discuss at least 2 unique examples Unit 2 Social Welfare Policy ResearchSocial Welfare Policy Research This unit examines the historical antecedents of the American social welfare state, examining the early institutions that addressed human needs. The influence of Judeo Christian charity customs is examined, as well as the English Poor Laws which served as an early model for much of American social welfare. Objectives:Explain how the English Poor Laws are reflected in modern social welfare.Describe the lasting legacy of social welfare policies from historically significant eras.Examine how religion played an important role in the development of professional social work.Identify the differences and similarities between Charity Organization Societies and the Settlement House movement.Identify key leaders in social work, and identify their accomplishments.Activities:Read, view, and engage with Readings and Resources.Actively participate in the Unit Discussions.Readings and ResourcesReadings and ResourcesTextbook or eBook:Karger, H. K. & Stoesz, D. (2018). American social welfare policy: A pluralist approach (8th ed). Boston, MA.: Allyn and Bacon. Chapter 2 provides details of social welfare history, along with a focus on American social welfare history.Chapter 2Trattner, W.I. (1994). From poor law to welfare state(6th ed.). New York: The Free Press.Chapter 4 describes the trend toward indoor relief and the poor laws spreading westward as new land began to open up after the American Revolution. Chapter 5 describes the Civil War and after. Also, detailing scientific charity and Americans belief of self-reliance, limited government, and economic freedom. Chapter 4Chapter 5Supplemental ResourcesThis TED Talk looks at the influence of policy and how it can impact lives. Watch Video The influence of policy | Amy Hanauer | TEDxSHHSDuration: 17:29 User: TEDx Talks – Added: 5/15/15 This video looks at social policy and its affects in America. Watch Video Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49Duration: 8:54 User: CrashCourse – Added: 2/27/16