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Please read the Domino’s case study and watch the videos later in this discussion.

As a company, Domino’s has stressed delivery over the years.  Several years ago, Domino’s began hearing its customers talking about how its pizza was horrible. As a company that has long focused on solid marketing intelligence to make decisions, Domino’s went to work on how it could change consumer perceptions about its pizza.
Through marketing research techniques, Domino’s soon realized that it had to take a very risky step and completely recreate the pizza that it had been selling for over 40 years. Please watch the videos below which illustrates how research not only enabled Domino’s to come up with a winning recipe, but it led to a successful promotional campaign that has made fans of Domino’s pizza in addition to its delivery service.
– video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ9nhDUXTsk

Following the video you will have questions to answer. 

Optional: “About Domino’s” from the Domino’s website: 

Discuss all of the following:

– What has Domino’s learned about customer engagement we should learn for other businesses?
– What are the key marketing lessons to be learned from Domino’s?