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Please fill out this word document and upload it to Canvas. You will be graded on your ability to identify a behavior and thoroughly answer these questions using complete, well-written sentences. Relating your ideas to what you have learned in the course so far is always encouraged. Please proofread  your spelling and grammar before submitting. Pick a behavior you will be willing to think about and change for the duration of the semester.
Consider how your current lifestyle will affect your health now and in the future.  Identify ONE target behavior you would like to change. You do not need to pick from the list below. These are simply examples. 
Getting more sleep
Drinking less caffeine
Exercising more
Reducing stress
Eating more vegetables
1. My behavior change will be to:
2. My long term goal for this behavior is:
3. Why is this a behavior that is important for you to change at this time? (Please answer using a minimum of 3 sentences)
4. What do you hope to gain from making this behavior change (Please answer using a minimum of  3 sentences)
5. I have identified 3 obstacles to change (things that I am currently doing or situations that contribute to this behavior or make it difficult to change):
6. I will use the following 3 strategies to overcome these obstacles: