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Part 1: For this part, we will be making a character profile. You will need to create a completely fictional character for this. Then, you need to come up with details about them. What is their name? What do they look like? Are there any identifying marks or unique things about their appearance? How do they dress? What does their voice sound like? Do they have any specific mannerisms? What are their likes? Dislikes? Do they have a favorite animal? This is your opportunity to provide as many details as possible about your character to give them a life of their own. You can expand and add any details that you think are necessary to truly make this character who they are. Don’t forget to include some flaws!

Part 2: Write a backstory for your character. You don’t need to go in to extreme detail or scene, but the character needs to have something that got them to this particular moment. Some things to consider: where they are from, family history, job history, education, friends, childhood memories, etc. Think about what makes this character who they are! NOTE: You can absolutely use this character in a story, even if you include none of this backstory (it’s just there to help make them more three dimensional).

Part 3: Write a one page with your character in a scene. The character can be talking to someone or doing something, but there needs to be some sort of conflict or problem that the character is dealing with. Remember to write descriptively and show-not-tell as much as possible.