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Growing up in the “internet era”, it’s hard to imagine life without social media. Social media has plenty of advantages similar to positively impacting businesses, communication across the world, and the increase of positive mental health.

Social media has many effective ways on growing businesses.

Businesses can use social media as a way to improve their community.
Social media allows companies a free marketing tool that can increase sales.

Instant communication has gotten easier since social media became more widely used.

The different platforms of social media helps society to stay linked with people across the world.
It’s becoming easier to get in contact instantly with people.

Social media has an impact on the mental health of the newer generation.

Detecting a change in someone’s behavior and posts helps saves lives.
More and more people are providing support to motivate those who were overlooked.

There are plenty of negative effects of social media

Social media has been linked to depression and anxiety.
The platforms have increased cyberbullying.