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New Yorker media critic Jon Katz once wrote: “There’s almost no media experience sweeter . . . than poring over a good newspaper. In the quiet morning, with a cup of coffee—so long as you haven’t turned on the TV, listened to the radio, or checked in online—it’s as comfortable and personal as information gets.”
In the chapter on news, the authors note how newspaper readership has been in decline since the Great Depression. The authors note how radio and television both impacted newspaper readership. They even quote Jeffrey Cole, who says, “Sadly, today in America when a newspaper reader dies, he or she is not replaced by a new reader.”

This decline in readership continues even today, particularly among the younger generations. Do you read a newspaper regularly? If so, which ones and how (print, online)? Why do you read? If you don’t read a newspaper regularly, how do you get your news (social media, TV, something else)? In general, why do you think people just don’t read the newspaper? What can newspapers do to draw more readers?
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