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My career essay will be about physical therapy 
 teachers note:
 Research the career that you have chosen for exploration. This is a multi-source research paper. Include internal citations and a works cited page using the MLA 8 format. The OWL website is a good resource for MLA 8.

Here are some areas that you may want to explore. You are not limited to these questions. Prepare an essay that provides background information on your chosen career. All information must be researched and properly documented use MLA format. This means that you must have internal citations and a matching works cited page. This paper should be 3 – 5 pages. Always double space and use 12-point Times New Roman font. Do not forget the correct MLA heading.

What is the history of this profession? (Traditional research strategies are involved.)
What training is required?
Where can one find the training?
What costs and expenses are involved in getting this training?
What does the training program involve? (practicums, student teaching, internships, and more)
Average salary – Does it vary by geographical location?
Are certifications, licenses required? ongoing training to maintain certification?
What are the future projected needs for workers in this profession?