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Make contact with a social planner (wedding or other type of social event) and spend at least a half-day with them to learn their responsibilities and routine.  Since this is a shorter term, I will understand if you are unable to shadow them, but please take some time to speak to a planner on the phone to gather “intel”. The planner does not have to be Miami based. Your report is to include: 

Business focus (size, price, full or day-of services)
Staff size
Favorite event they have done
Recommended vendors
Rundown of the experience & activities you had with them (or spoke with them about)
Outline of items learned

Don’t wait to the last minute on this one!  It might take you some time to locate a planner willing to let you shadow. Note that while due by April 21, this may be completed and turned in at any time.  No “gang shadowing” please – this is to be an individual assignment. Reports usually run anywhere between 3 to 6 pages double-spaced.  Submission by doc or docx only.
Purpose: Observe how an actual social event is coordinated from behind the scenes, and provide an opportunity for one-on-one questions and answers with a professional in the field.  You do not have to work an actual event for this assignment. 
A grading rubric is included.  Be sure to review it before submitting the assignment.