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Description Just reply to this discussion in your own words with no outside sources and citations.THIS IS ONE DISCUSSION. An unforgettable historical event that has influenced me would be Covid-19, something recent. As I recall, I was a social butterfly; I was outgoing and never feared when it came to speaking out or talking to others. That all changed for me when the pandemic hit. My school was the prominent place where I socialized and interacted with others, and when the schools closed down well, that’s where all my social skills went away. I didn’t interact with anyone for two years, except my family, and I noticed that this historical event had affected me ever since. It affected me emotionally and my way of communicating. Although the situation with covid has progressed a bit, I still find myself unable to interact with others. In a sense, this situation that has occurred to me is related to Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory. Specifically, chronosystem, which refers to a shift or transition in someone’s lifespan. Therefore, as you can see, this historical event has created a change in my life and my social development. I believe my generation, gen z, childhood consisted of many networks such as television, online games like cool math games, and consoles such as Nintendo DS. Gen z is a generation born into technology, and I firmly believe that the rise of technology greatly impacted gen z’s childhood. As for their adolescent era, such events that have shaped them would be, for example, same-sex marriage or the BLM movement (Black Lives Matter). Gen z is a politically outspoken generation; they take a more progressive stance on issues that they find unfair. Therefore, I think that this political example reflects the type of generation gen z is, which is a generation that stands up for major issues. Intersectionality is a concept in how our overlapping characteristics such as nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or disability can connect to systems of oppression. This concept is quite important; the reason why is because it initially helps us inform our approaches to activisms or social justice. When acknowledging an imbalance in our society when can create a change for those who are oppressed. Take, for example, the gender wage gap between men and women. For over more than a century, it’s known that men got paid more than women even when the same job was done. Many factors that are put into the disparities of pay are obviously gender and even race, but with the concept of intersectionality, women were able to protest equal pay for equal work. Therefore, it has allowed for an acknowledgment of inequality pay, leading to activism occurring and creating a change within that issue.