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Description In this final paper you will have the opportunity to pull together the different insights you have gathered about your future possible career path. Please keep in mind that your career is a journey and nothing that you have discovered is set in stone – but it is a very good place to start.  So, this project should be a plan that sets you on this journey, knowing that you will always be growing and discovering.  There will be three parts to your final paper as follows: Part I: In 3-4 paragraphs share the career specialization that you feel drawn to after the career exploration you have engaged in over the last three weeks.  What about your interests, passions, and life experiences has led you to this specialization?  In what ways do you feel this specialization will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in addition to success? What specific job within this specialization would you like to further explore?  Make sure to integrate insights and information you gained from your interview into this portion of your paper. Part II: Literature review – Using the sources that you summarized in week 2, write a 2-3 page literature review in which you synthesize the information you have learned from your sources about preparing for and working in this specialization. Please keep in mind that this portion of your paper is a review of the literature so there should be no personal opinion or experiences shared here, but rather a strict review of what was learned from your sources. Please see this document comparing and contrasting a literature review and an annotated bibliography: Comparing the Annotated Bibliography to the Literature Review.pdf Part III: Educational and training roadmap – You will conclude your paper with 1-2 paragraphs for which you will outline the education/training that is required for the above discussed job/specialization.  Also if your career path will take you to a licensure position also include information from your state licensing board about the requirement to receive a license.