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Description Interpersonal Communication: Communication Barriers Preamble As you study interpersonal communication, you begin to seriously understand that the skills learned in this course are useful for every aspect of your life. Truth. You will thank me later. Communicating: Sending, Receiving, Interpreting Information There are several factors that will affect how messages are sent, received and interpreted. As you have been reading in your text as well, we explore words and then a lot more than just words in interpersonal communication. We also focus on things like tone, volume, accents, clothing, environment, gender, age, socio-economic status, demographics, etc. These are all factors that will impact communication. While there are several factors that could be problematic in this video, I encourage you to explore only the communication factors as you respond to this question. Instructions: Watch these videos and answer the questions. You must watch each video to the end. Video #1: This video is about communication and miscommunication Video #2: This video is about workplace communication Video #3: This video is about how we communicate. How to communicate strategically https://youtu.be/gCfzeONu3Mo – How miscommunication happens – Katherine Hampsten https://youtu.be/o7_vGlWqgdg – Office Jargon by Nina Millns Question 1: What are some of the factors in this communication [message sending/receiving/interpreting] that were problematic and could affect the way these parties communicate and therefore their interpersonal relationships? Identify 5 factors and then explain them. Grading: This assignment will be graded solely on the number of factors that you identify and explain. You must explain each factor thoroughly (everything) to get the full points. Partial points will be awarded for partial explanations. Each factor that you identify (and explain) is worth 5-points. Worth: This question is worth: 25 points. Instructions: Please watch these videos and answer the questions. You must watch this video to the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGeHS4jO0X0 – It’s Not Manipulation, It’s Strategic Communication Question 2: Think interpersonal communication, then answer these questions: What were some of the most informative and instructive pieces of information you learned about communication from this video? Explain each piece of information, including why YOU found them personally informative and instructive? What about YOU that make these instructive? Please remember that the points come from both identifying these points and making your answers thoroughly relate to both Interpersonal Communication as well as YOU. Worth: This question is worth: 25 points.