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Please revise and complete the essay (Attached) that I have started. 
Not strong enough, incorrect grammar, and strays from topic!!!
This essay should be about 700 -750 words in length, and it should focus on researching a career of choice. 

Think of this paper as a report you would give to someone else considering this field.  What would you need to tell them about the job?  How much training and education are required?  What is the job market like?  What are the potential salaries and benefits?  What are some of the drawbacks?  What are some of the critical issues for workers within this profession? 

* Do not exceed the word count. According to the directions, the word count should be between 700-750 words (include your word count at the end of your essay).** 

The THESIS statement should tie the main points together and be the roadmap for your readers.  It should be the very last sentence in the introductory paragraph, and it should be only one sentence. Your thesis statement may include some thoughtful analysis (i.e., because, as a result). Strong Thesis Statement: [topic + claim + evidence (at least 2 or 3 supporting points for essay)] 


Header, Font (Times New Roman 12 pt), Double-spaced, 1 inch margins 
**Carefully followed Style Guidelines (MLA) 
MLA Format: Purdue OWL https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ 
*May use these website’s for SOURCES*