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In this unit, prepare an eight-question survey. While developing your survey, consider the following information: 
1) You must indicate whether your approach is more qualitative or quantitative in nature or if it is more of a hybrid approach and why the selected approach is most appropriate for your study. 
2) For each question included, provide rationale for why the question has been included, what types of information the researcher expects to garner from the question, and why the question is worded the way that it is. 
3) Explanatory portions should be included directly after each question as opposed to including all questions first and then all explanatory content. You are not required to include an introduction or conclusion for this assignment. You can number the questions and include the explanatory portions directly after each question. Please use at least the textbook in the development of your assignment. 
4) You will not need to cite your questions since this should be your original work, but be sure to include appropriate citations (and APA formatting) appropriately within your explanatory portions. The purpose of this assignment is to gauge your understanding of the content, so focus on writing original content rather than simply regurgitating the textbook or other sources, whether by paraphrasing or using direct quotes. Paraphrasing is acceptable, but try to keep paraphrasing to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is to use 80% of your own work and paraphrase 20% or less of the work of others..